Control Your Mac Via Voice Alone

With the advent of Voice Control starting with Appple's Catalina MacOS version, you'll be amazed at how much direct control you can have over launching and managing your Mac experience. Apple's enhanced Siri Voice Control will let you control the operating system and apps entirely with spoken words.

Next-Generation Siri Speech Recognition

Voice control using Siri technology is incorporated into MacOS Catalina (10.15) and beyond. Opening the Accesibility Preference Pane reveal a great deal of built-in - as well as customizable command sequences.

Voice Control Peripherals For MacOS

Of course you'll want optimal Mac compatible speech recognition peripherals to fine-tune your vocal command experience. A high quality mic headset or standalone voice microphone can help take it to a new level of accuracy and efficiency. An iMac or MacBook's built-in mic might suffice, depending on your room's ambient noise levels and other external factors.