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For optimal speech to text translation, professionals may want more than Apple's voice recognition engine can provide. Software like Nuance's Dragon for Mac can be trained for a particlular users voice patterns and deliver far higher accuracy. Custom dictionaries can be built to target the specific vocabulary of terms unique to your profession. For Doctors, the rather expensive Medical version of Dragon Professional for Mac (around $1000 USD) includes a huge dictionary of health, anatomical and medical terminology. It a situation where misinterpretation isn't acceptable and flawed transcription might put a patient at risk.

Nuance Dragon Professional Mac

CD Disc Version 6.0

Dragon For Mac OSX v5.0

Personalized & Customized Recognition

Dragon Dictation Software For MacOS

The consumer version of Dragon for Mac is highly affordable for even casual users who want personalized and customized speech recognition capabilities that are significantly enhanced over what Apple's Dictation Services provides. The updated v6 version is a bit pricier: Indeed, it may be cheaper to purchase v5, then update to v6 at a discounted upgrade price.

Dragon Dictation For Mac v6.0

Nuance's Newest Speech Recognition App

Dragon Dictation Headsets

USB Dragon Mic Headset Recommendations

For a quick and reliable connection, a USB microphone headset is the way to go for Dragon's speech recognition. The close proximity of the mic to the mouth insures higher accuracy and doesn't necessarily require an expensive, premium solution. Many USB mic headset options are available in the $20-$40 USD price range.

Dragon Bluetooth Voice Headset

Optimized For Speech Recognition

Bluetooth Dragon Headset Recommendations

With the advent of Bluetooth 4.0 and enhanced HD audio codecs, Bluetooth speech recognition headsets with microphones are now capable of delivering accurate voice pattern recognition for speech to text needs. That wasn't always the case as lesser, older hardware tended to be noisy and over-compress the voice patterns otherwise suitible for cell phone conversations. Not all Bluetooth mic headsets are optimal for speech recognition. But newer premium-brand headsets with 'Wideband Audio' work admirably for Nuance Communication's Dictate and Naturally Speaking software as well as Apple Siri and OSX's Dictation services.

Analog Dragon Dictation Microphones

For some environments, a 4-Pole analog lapel or desktop microphone may be preferable for accurate speech to text translation needs. Historically, Analog 1/8" 3.5mm PC microphones or headsets with separate speaker and mic plugs have been problematic for Mac users because of different voltage levels and jack configurations. For Apple use, look for microphones (or headsets) that have a single FOUR CONDUCTOR TRRS plug for full compatiblity with iPads, iPhones, and recent Macintosh systems made since 2010.