OSX Dictation Commands

Comprehensive List Of Mac Dictation Commands

Once you’ve enabled Enhanced Dictation mode on your Mac, there are many additional Apple dictation commands that you can use to get the results you want.

When you’re really serious about leveraging the power of speech to text functions built-into Mac OSX, knowing all the additional verbal commands Apple provides can save you a ton of editing time on the back-end of the process.

Mac Dictation Command List

For example, you can insert a punctuation mark by saying its name, such as “Question Mark” or “Period”. The additional commands listed here are always on. They can also be removed or altered. You can even set up Custom dictation commands to execute specific actions if you’re geeky enough to explore it.

The Mac's Enhanced Dictation supports dozens of additional commands to edit, format, and navigate that you can turn off or on in the Dictation pane of Accessibility preferences. This is confusing to a lot of Mac users! Although Dictation Mode is set-up in the DICTATION & SPEECH preference pane, the extended speech recognition commands themselves are subsection of the ACCESSIBILITY preference pane. Within the Dictation section of Apple's Accessibility preferences you’ll see even more additional extended verbal control commands grouped by category:

Common Punctuation Commands

Colon, Comma, Dash, Ellipsis, Exclamation Mark, Hyphen, Period, Question Mark, Quote, End Quote, Begin Single Quote, End Single Quote, Semicolon

Special Character Commands

Ampersand, Asterisk, At Sign, Backslash, Forward Slash, Caret, Center Dot, Large Center Dot, Degree Sign, Pound (or) Hashtag Sign, Percent Sign, Underscore, Vertical Bar

Additional Punctuation Commands

Apostrophe, Open Bracket, Close Bracket, Open Parenthesis, Close Parenthesis, Open Brace, Close Brace, Open Angle Bracket, Close Angle Bracket

Text Formatting Commands

New Line, New Paragraph, Tab Key, Numeral, Roman Numeral, No Space On, No Space Off

Text Capitalization Commands

Caps On, Caps Off, All Caps, All Caps On, All Caps Off

Money And Currency Commands

Dollar Sign, Cent Sign, Pound Sterling Sign, Euro Sign, Yen Sign

Emoticon Symbol Commands

Smiley Face, Frowny Face, Winky Face

Intellectual Property Symbol Commands

Copyright Sign, Registered Sign, Trademark Sign

Mathematical Symbol Commands

Equal Sign, Greater Than Sign, Less Than Sign, Minus Sign, Multiplication Sign, Plus Sign

Even More Enhanced Mac Dictation Commands

Apple's Accessibility preference pane provides even more spoken options not listed here to navigate your way around a document regardless if you're physically, neurologically or visually impaired. Perhaps the biggest take-away is to kow that Mac Dictation is far more powerful than you might think.

Though you may never need many of these symbols, controls or functions in your Apple dictation sessions - it helps to know that they're available. As you use of Mac speech recognition and skill set grows, you'll know there's more you can incorporate into your usage to make your MacOS dictation sessions even easier and more accurate.