Best Microphones For Dragon Dictate Mac

Apple Dictation Microphones

Considering the purchase of a high-quality microphone for accurate Mac OSX speech recognition and voice control needs? Here we feature a few select external USB microphones for Mac users wanting a far better computer microphone than the tiny one that may be built into their MacBook or iMac computer -- or an Apple Cinema Display.

Focused Beam Forming Mic

Optimized For Mac Speech Uses

Mini Speech Recognition Mic

USB Condenser Microphone

USB Desktop Mics For Mac Dictation

We find USB connected microphones to be the most reliable, hassle-free and straightforward way to deliver highly accurate voice interpretation for speech recognition. They're also great for upping the quality of your online chat and Skype sessions, Podcast recording, voice-over work, and all your other vocal and music recording needs.

USB Desktop Speech Recognition Mic

With LED Mute Indicator Button

Gooseneck USB Microphone

Onboard Active LED and Mute Button

Low-Cost Desktop Mic

USB With Mute Button

In particular, there's a wide range of affordable, Apple-friendly USB condenser mics that are driver-free, plug and play compatible with any audio-based software app for Mac OS X. Many deliver exceptionally clean, clear and full-range high-fidelity voice reproduction without necessarily costing a fortune. Many in the $20-$50 USD price range deliver excellent audio response far superior to Apple's internal mics.

USB Portable Mics For MacBook Dictation

You might be suprised to learn how lousy a MacBook's internal microphone sounds if you compared audio files of it with nearly any stand-alone condenser mic. There's a handful of excellent and highly portable tiny USB microphones for more accurate MacBook dictation, podcast recording, vocals and music when traveling.

Portable USB Microphone

Samson Go-Mic Direct

The Go-Mic Direct may be a great option for speech recognition and more on the go. It features a high-quality condenser element which pivots, making it easy to direct it optimally towards your voice as you dictate.

4-Pole Analog TRRS Microphones

Analog speech recognition headsets for PC's with SEPARATE 1/8" plugs or many PC-style microphones are NOT Mac compatible. But starting after 2010, Apple started supporting unifying 4-Conductor TRRS audio jacks on it's Mac, iPhone and iPads and shipping earbuds with a tiny microphone built into the on-wire control.

4-Pole Lavalier Condenser Mic

Analog Lapel Mic

You have to shop carefully, but more and more mic headsets and desktop analog microphones now support the single 4-Pole TRRS mic + headset/earbud connection to work on a modern Mac or iOS device. Worst case scenario you can use an Analog-To-Digital USB audio dongle to allow use of older-style PC microphones or mic headsets that have two separate plugs.

USB Analog Sound Adapter

Stereo Headphones + Mono Microphone

Proximity Helps Sound Capture Quality

In general, you'll want the microphone within close proximity to your mouth - ideally 4" to 18" - with your sound input levels adjusted accordingly. If using a conventional studio mic - you may find a desk-clamp boom-arm with spring suspension to be a handy accessory for optimal mic placement during your Apple speech to text dictation sessions. Mics with foam or screen pop filters can help your recording quality as well.